It’s Christmassss!

The mark of true success for any campaign is when it becomes an event in its own right – the John Lewis Christmas ad is one of those. So much so it’s become the industry marker for when it’s ‘open season’ in more ways than one. Granted it has the yultide event to help stock its emotional armoury, but still the more well-known it becomes the tougher it is to deliver. This year there is the added element of age awareness and the younger and older generations staying in touch.

As is usual with our industry it has sparked a huge amount of both positive & vitriolic commentary, ranging from being a real tear jerker to a story about peeping toms and Nazis. With this kind of work you see what your heart wants you to see, a genuine nostalgic tug at the strings, or an opportunity. Positive or negative it all helps it to trend. Read Zane Radcliffe’s caustic view on the matter.

It also sparked some quick-witted responses and fast turn around edits, such as the dark side version involving another forth-coming event.

Then there is Aldi’s brilliant adaption:

Personally I think they hit the nail on the head with their 2011 ad; a true insight, simply done. Sweet enough for me.

Back to this year and here’s Sky Movies offering, action packed as you might expect, even if their schedule isn’t…

One of my favourites so far this year Jeff Goldblum steps in for Curry’s and taps into the psychology at play during the event:

Sainsbury’s tell a tale of calamity:

Not to be out done, M&S go loud and sparkly with the ‘Art of…’:

T K Max use the spread a little happiness to your nearest, because we’re not the dearest angle:

Here’s Cadbury’s effort, using the Thunderbird’s theme. I’m hoping there’s a little more to this, I suspect there is:

Anti-slip Kid

Still probably one of may favourite press ads of all time. The simplicity is sublime. I remember a creative, who was working at BMP at the time, saying they found the rough of this ad face-down on the photocopier and felt like they should just ‘give up and go home’. Bye FB.