Rewriting Our Past

This year it’s 100 years since Ladybird books were first published. Generations of children turned to these pocket-sized hardbacks for their favourite fairy tales, but not only: They read sanitised, biased accounts of history’s bloodiest chapters, as well as the biographies of popular, cruel despots such as Genghis Khan, Caligula and Queen Elizabeth II. They even learned how to make useless objects from hazardous components and how to destroy imbecilic superstitions with rudimentary science.


Unfortunately, Scarfolk children were not interested in Ladybird books or the subjects that entertained and educated other British children. To meet their needs, the Scarfolk Book company created its own series of small hardback books. A selection of some of the more popular editions is below.

Lacta Love Content

It’s a case study so don’t necessarily believe the figures, but a lovely way to tell a story and build digital content.

In 2015, Lacta chocolate wanted to go beyond inspiring young people in Greece to find love and enable them to actually make the move, through the product itself. By introducing Lacta Messages, unique QR codes were printed on every Lacta pack, that people could scan with their mobile phones and hide a message on every chocolate they gave to someone they liked.

Instead of just producing a demo video to explain it all, Lacta created an original web series that captivated and inspired a whole generation… 5 short episodes were released on Facebook in the month leading to Valentine’s day. Audiences were hooked by the cliffhangers at the end of each episode, sharing thousands of comments & likes, reaching 6 million video views in a nation of 4 million Facebook users!