Intimate Words

In Mexico, cervical cancer is the leading cause of death among indigenous women. The words for female reproductive system do not exist because they consider taboo, which represents a big problem for doctors when trying to diagnose and treat disease. This is an example of the Human Kind philosophy of Leo Burnett where creativity has the power to transform human behavior.

Winner of Cannes Health Grand Prix 2015

Word Power

We put two words over a door and like sheep we respond. Not sure in the average shopping mall in middle UK a lot of people would notice, or even bother looking up. Other than that I like the challenge of it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 21.19.56

The Leviathan

Director Ruairi Robinson (The Last Days on Mars) and screenwriter Jim Uhls (Fight Club) released their proof of concept “teaser” video for The Leviathan, which has racked up over 1.4 million Vimeo views. This led to involvement of Blomkamp as executive producer and X-Men: Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg, who will produce the feature.

Tough Brief

The idea is to promote a site that helps people deal with online bullying in all its forms. There’s a fine line to tread between showing people that this is somewhere to go for help without glamorising the act. This shows how others react when asked to translate some insults for someone. The act of having to read the words to his face is tough, what’s more it’s interesting watching how different people react to the situation. It’s engagement without the sell. Can’t help but feel a bit more of a sell is needed, but maybe I lost something in translation.

Keeping Air Clean

Volvo’s new XC90 boasts the cleanest engine performance in its class, with CO2 emissions of just 60 g/km. But Volvo is just as concerned about the air inside the car as the air outside. CleanZone air filtration manages the interior air quality of the cabin, promoting the health and wellbeing of the cars’ occupants. Drivers can breathe easier knowing most microscopic, hazardous “fine dust” particles will now be prevented from entering the vehicle.

Volvo – Swedish Air from Grey London on Vimeo.

They also packaged “Swedish air” as a promotion too.